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Issue 1/2020


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Dynacure news 

Latest news from Dynacure.

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Myotubular Trust news

Information about the 2020 grant call and UK patient webinar.

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CNM/MTM community members.

Female carriers of x-linked myotubular myopathy invited to take part in new study 

A new European study is looking into the possible muscle symptoms in female carriers of myotubular myopathy

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Female carriers of X-linked myotubular myopathy invited to take part in new study


Dwarf sunflowers growing in wellington boots.

The Big Sunflower Project

2020 is the 10th anniversary year of The Big Sunflower Project and over 290 people are participating in the UK, on the Isle of Man, France, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Australia and the Philippines. 

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Hari with his mum and dad.


An episode of the television programme Hospital recently featured Hari, a child with myotubular myopathy.

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Good news stories

2020 has been a difficult time for everyone but life has been going on. Read some good news stories from the CNM/MTM community.

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